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About us

Gubbi goodu is a creative agency based in Bangalore. We’re masters in our design. As Designer we’re determined to transform any area into your dream space that are in harmony with the your personality and way of life.

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To us, good design realizes the potential of any space. it involves considered choices teamed with a sense of bravery. As a designer, We have a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of space to the furniture and soft furnishings that fill it. Colour palette, material choice, and finishes are all equally important - each element is essential to creating one cohesive look that is both resolved and innovative.

On a personal level, We have an immense appreciation for a range of design periods and styles. For us, spaces truly work when the balance is created through contrast. they should tell a story about the people who inhabit them. As an interior designers, we are required to design ultimately for our clients. this flexibility, along with an ever-changing industry has imbued us with an innate sense of creative freedom.