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Welcome To Gubbi Goodu

If you are looking for interior designing and event management agencies at the most suitable price, you have come to the right place!

We are a creative agency that believes in the true harmonizing potential of design. Our philosophy centers around combining color, shapes, and patterns into a balance that genuinely represents your spirit! Our designers and planners are committed to translating your dream and vision into reality. Our agency is a young one but wholly dedicated to our goals. We are the result of unswerving passion and zeal. We believe in delivering results and complete customer satisfaction. Designs genuinely reflect the relationship our minds share with the world; this representation is our ultimate goal. With this belief, we started our venture with the promise of deliverance.

For further details, please look into the portals of this website. Also, feel free to contact us at any time!

+91 90083 96115


Interior Designing
Interior Designing
Interior Designing
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Our Team Lead

Padmini Nagappa

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Asha H

Asha H 

Creative Director

Savitha G

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Business Strategist

Asha Gowda

Business Strategist

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home staging consultant (UK)


Content Strategist

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